About Us

Mother | Farmer's Wife & Entrepreneur.

I am a mother, a home-school mother, a farmer’s wife (trying to be) and an entrepreneur. In a small farming community far away from any shops, I was forced to create my own activities and resources for my daughter and my preschool class. I got creative with household items and started Karoo Kiddies as mothers and colleagues were also interested. Karoo Kiddies’ activities are sent all over South Africa to mothers, teachers and Educational therapists.

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If you have any requests or questions please email karookiddies@gmail.com.
See FAQ’s below.


Are Karoo Kiddies' resources and activities available in english?

Yes it is.

Can I send you my list of themes per term to provide me with a quote?

Yes, please email your list of themes to karookiddies@gmail.com and Karoo Kiddies will provide you with a quote.

Do Karoo Kiddies make Life skills themes on requests?

Yes, Karoo Kiddies make Life skills themes on request.

Do Karoo Kiddies sell planning and assessments?

Not at the moment but this might be available in the near future.

Do Karoo Kiddies have packages available per term?

Gr.R, Gr.1 and Gr.2 Life skills are available per term.

Do Karoo Kiddies have classroom themes available?

Not yet but hopefully this will be available in the future.
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